Monitoring of Waterways, Wetlands, Sewerage Plants, Storm Waters Impoundments, Temporary Waters

April 15, 2021


2:00 PM AEST


Join Dr. Robert Walsh of Australian Waterlife as he shares his expertise in assessing water quality and establishing baselines for monitoring ecosystem health. The webinar will focus on the importance of identifying aquatic microfauna as indicators of environmental quality.


Although smaller than 2mm, microfauna play such a vital role in keeping ecosystems alive and thriving. They link together everything in aquatic food webs, and if this faunal group is missing for any reason, then the entire system would quickly collapse. It is therefore important for managers of water and sewerage treatment plants, waterways, reservoirs, and wetlands to understand the significance of these animals to environmental monitoring regimes.


The Guest Speaker for this webinar is:

Dr. Robert Walsh

Dr. Robert Walsh

Aquatic Micro-Invertebrate Ecologist/Taxonomist

Founder of Australian Waterlife

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