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A family owned business of over 45 years, we are Australia’s leading Stormwater specialist. Working with councils, engineers and contractors we build risk-free, clean water solutions for the future. Our products and services cater for every project, and our experienced team provide advice and support in sales, delivery, installation and maintenance.


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Our Story

Stephen Hales, the founder of Atlan Stormwater, started in business selling pumps & pumping equipment in 1972 on the shores of Duck Creek, NSW. When confronted with excess pollution on the doorstep of his company, Stephen decided to diversify his business to create products that would reduce the amount of pollutants entering our waterways and return them to their once beautiful state. Stephen pioneered the SPEL range of stormwater quality improvement devices, and the company has grown internationally who strive from Stephens vision to create Joy in Water for all.

What is Joy in Water?

Whether it’s ice cubes cooling your drink, building sandcastles at the beach or exploring the waterways and estuaries in your kayak, the joy we experience from clean water is precious – and it’s worth fighting for.

12 million tonnes of plastic enter our water system each year, killing marine life, impacting our climate and ecosystem, and finding its way into our food and drinking water. Without drastic change, these numbers will continue to rise.

Clean water is our right, but we must act now to ensure its future. The joy, laughter and calm we experience depends on it.

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Introducing our support for not for profit clean water initiative

Stormwater Shepherds, are a not-for-profit initiative working in stormwater, committed to seeing clean water across the planet, free of plastic and urban pollution.

We guide and inform global communities on how to stop
plastic and urban pollution at the source – the home, the business and the stormwater drain.

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