Exploring SQIDEP – Setting the Standard for Stormwater Treatment

About the Webinar

SQIDEP (Stormwater Quality Enhancement Mechanism Assessment Procedure) represents a list of critical factors for confirming the abilities and effectiveness of stormwater mechanisms. An industry-normal developed during five years by Stormwater Australia, the innovative scheme was taken up in 2018.

Creating a standard for stormwater is a segment of a sustainable future and guaranteeing better water quality results. SQIDEP aids in making better evaluations when appraising feasible possessions for your on-site requirements.

Led by Robert Chesterfield (NSW Team Leader) and Dr Darren Drapper (Head Engineer and Manager of Drapper Environmental Advisors) of SPEL, this online seminar will analyze the techniques by which SQIDEP validates the data and contamination reduction requirements for stormwater mechanisms.

With an increase in the need for stormwater resources, it is vital that contamination reduction and water quality results satisfy industry regulations. SQIDEP is a normalized approach to proving the performance of stormwater mechanisms- and helps to establish suitable guidelines for the dependability, completeness, and consistency of the data that backs up stormwater mechanisms.

SPELFilter recently received authorization through the SQIDEP method and has passed the rigid examinations and performance capacity evaluations by autonomous third parties. It joins SPEL’s series of accepted mechanisms such as SPELBasin and Hydrochannel.


Dr Darren Drapper

Director, Drapper Environmental Consultants
Dr Darren Drapper is the Principal Engineer and Director of Drapper Environmental Consultants. He was formerly a Director on the Board of Stormwater Australia, the custodian of SQIDEP, and has extensive experience applying SQIDEP testing to more than 20 different sites and devices. A PhD-qualified environmental engineer, his goal is to assist his clients with win-win outcomes in water, stormwater and wastewater. He has 26 years of experience across manufacturing industries, consulting, government, research and academia.

Robert Chesterfield

Robert has over 15 years working in the construction industry. He has a strong love for the industry with a clear understanding of the environmental impacts urban development has on our waterways and how Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is successfully implemented. Building long-lasting, positive and profitable relationships, he ensures project stakeholders can meet their commitments to improving environmental outcomes with the use of ‘Generational’ stormwater assets. Providing proprietary stormwater solutions and guidance for those needing to meet water quality and quantity objectives, Robert is passionate about innovation in the production and provision of high-performance stormwater infrastructure. His expertise has seen him work on flagship projects across New South Wales – including the Western Sydney Airport, Rozelle Interchange, Sydney Gateway Project and Moorebank Intermodal Terminal.
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