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Creating Generational Assets Since 1972


Gross Pollutant Trap

A gross pollutant trap (GPT) is a stormwater treatment system’s first line of defence. Providing primary treatment, GPTs remove bulky pollutants, plastic pollution, sediment, and litter – and stop their conveyance from our catchments.

StormSack is a filter pit system, installed directly into stormwater systems to capture contaminants close to the surface – including organic matter, sediment and litter.


Utilizing a special vortex cleaning action, the SPEL Ecoceptor is a versatile fibreglass GPT system with sediment,  silt, total suspended solids, and light liquid capture capabilities for low-risk sites and scalability for large catchments.


BaffleBoxes contain a series of sediment settling chambers, to allow the separation of sediment and gross pollutants. These devices are often accompanied by public observation covers, providing community education opportunities.


A non-blocking hydrodynamic separator, the Vortceptor uses unique low vortex conditions for high-performance pollution removal and excellent water quality outcomes. Key features include innovative single-piece fibreglass design and 100-year design life.


Hydrocarbon Capture

Hydrocarbon contamination is a risk on many sites, including service stations, car parks, train infrastructure, industrial areas and transformer yards.

Oil & water separators are designed to ensure the capture of hydrocarbons, which helps these sites meet environmental and sustainability criteria.

The Spillceptor is a full retention separator for high-risk application. With guaranteed hydrocarbon capture in all flow and spill conditions, it provides reductions in light liquid loads to 5mg/litre or less, and easy maintenance.


Designed for versatility, the Flowceptor provides hydrocarbon capture capabilities with secondary treatment capabilities for removing sediment, suspended solids, hydrocarbons and nutrients.


Combining the capabilities of the Flowceptor & Spillceptor, the Triceptor treats on-site requirements for both low and high-risk catchments. This includes hydrocarbon capture, high-flow bypass, and water quality objectives.


Tertiary Stormwater Treatment

Tertiary stormwater treatment provides enhanced filtration and ‘polishing’ of stormwater – including nutrient and heavy metal removal. These systems are often combined with other treatment devices, and detention infrastructure, to ensure water is fit for discharge.

A filter cartridge system that uses siphonic flow and maximized treatment area to ensure water quality and removal of pollutants. A low maintenance system that suits many on-site configurations and detention scenarios.


StormSack is a filter pit system, installed directly into stormwater systems to capture contaminants close to the surface – including organic matter, sediment and litter.


Designed to meet confined footprints and water sensitive urban design requirements, the FlowFilter is a specialist stormwater filtration system. Lightweight, easy to install, with minimum on-site lifting requirements.


A modular bioretention system, AtlanBasin provides high pollutant reduction in a small footprint. These sustainable assets can be used in place of standard catch basin structures, rain gardens, bioretention cells and media filters.


FlowGuard is a decentralized stormwater treatment system that can be inserted into grated drains. Quick & easy installation, these devices ensure surface level treatment on-site – and capture gross pollutants, nutrients, and sediment.


Green Infrastructure & Bioretention

Green infrastructure (GI) has become an important part of urban planning, water sensitive urban design (WSUD) and future-proofing our cities.

These developments help our communities build environmental sustainability and resilience – and provide improved water quality outcomes, increased green space, and flood mitigation.

Floating wetlands are green stormwater assets embedded with plants. Their root systems provide biological and chemical stormwater treatment processes, which improve local water quality by removing nutrients, sequestering pollutants, and preventing algae blooms.


'We believe clean waterways are a right not a privilege'

Andy Hornbuckle, CEO

Why you'll enjoy working with us


We develop high-performance stormwater technology. Atlan locally designs & manufactures sustainable stormwater solutions to meet your on-site requirements.

Design Assistance

Our team can provide design assistance throughout your stormwater journey from engineering guidance to site specific drawings.


Green & sustainable stormwater solutions. Working towards a cleaner water future for all is our core purpose – for you with your children and their children.


Our CPD Library & Learning Resources are available on-demand and help build awareness & knowledge of the stormwater sector.

Introducing our support for not for profit clean water initiative

Stormwater Shepherds, are a not-for-profit initiative working in stormwater, committed to seeing clean water across the planet, free of plastic and urban pollution.

We guide and inform global communities on how to stop plastic and urban pollution at the source – the home, the business and the stormwater drain.

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