Joy in Water Issue 9 (Formerly The Flow Magazine)

Introducing the new-look industry magazine we are proud to announce Joy in Water has replaced The Flow magazine and issue 9 is now available to read. While the name and look has changed a little it is still jam packed full of interest articles based on the stormwater industry.

Issue 9 articles:

  • Atlan Stormwater: Protector of the Oceans
  • Twin Vortceptors at Cranbourne: Water Quality Outcomes & Gross Pollutant Capture
  • Floating Treatment Wetlands: An Innovative Path to Sustainable Treatment and Thriving Habitats
  • Saving Strata Costs with Bioretention Maintenance
  • 5 Warning Signs: Your Bioretention Needs Maintenance
  • Cleaning Up Lakeside in Springfield

Browse the latest issue – click here.

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