ATLANFilter – Half Height SQIDEP Verification

Following the verification of AtlanFilter in December 2022, Stormwater Australia has verified our half-height model through the SQIDEP performance assessment process.

This model joins our range of SQIDEP-verified devices – the FlowGuard (formerly Hydrochannel), AtlanBasin (formerly SPELBasin) and full-height AtlanFilter (formerly SPELFilter).

Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP) is a uniform set of criteria to which stormwater treatment devices can be field-tested, evaluated, and reported. SQIDEP is driving best practices and standardisation in the stormwater industry.

Clean waterways are a right, not a privilege – and our tertiary filtration range removes a wide range of pollutants from our stormwater network. Stopping the conveyance of these pollutants downstream protects our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

With Atlan’s entire range of filter configurations now evaluated under the SQIDEP protocol, verification of the pollution removal performance of these devices shows tertiary treatment efficiencies for Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Phosphorus (TP) and total Nitrogen (TN).


The results of our SQIDEP assessment show that the performance of our 1.5L/s flow rate half-height filters matches the high-performance rate of our 3L/s of our full-height filters.

These scalable filter cartridge systems can be deployed in customisable configurations to accommodate a full range of on-site flow rates and catchment sizes. SQIDEP approval shows that the half-height filter is a robust pollution removal system for tertiary treatment scenarios.

Stormwater Standards: Protecting Our Waterways

Stormwater Australia is the custodian of the SQIDEP process, which is the first local system to validate stormwater devices meet essential performance criteria and pollution removal objectives. The Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP) ensures rigorous field testing and assessment of the performance of stormwater treatment devices.

This system allows stormwater device capabilities to be assessed and reported by third-party evaluators, ensuring device performance is reliably demonstrated – and that the data supplied is robust and meets Stormwater Australia’s criteria.

SQIDEP informs decisions during the design and implementation of stormwater assets and mitigates potential adverse impacts of stormwater discharge on the health of our waterways. This system helps developers, councils, and engineers confidently find assets that meet their on-site requirements.

With growing demands for sustainability and stormwater best-practice, many local authorities and government bodies are using SQIDEP certification to ensure the efficacy of devices in local developments.

This innovative system facilitates faster and more effective decision-making when selecting stormwater infrastructure for your projects. SQIDEP supports sustainable stormwater outcomes, and the approval of the half-height AtlanFilter verifies the device’s tertiary filtration capabilities and pollution removal specifications.

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