SPEL’s Hydrochannel: Pollution Control

Modular Stormwater Pollution Control for Low Footprint Scenarios

The Hydrochannel is a high-performance stormwater system that can be inserted in 300mm wide channel drains, and provides gross pollutant, sediment, and nutrient capture within a self-contained modular package.

With the ability to treat stormwater at surface levels, the Hydrochannel fits seamlessly into existing channel drainage – and is a versatile asset for applications such as carparks, residential areas, and hardstand.

High-Performance & Low Footprint: A Decentralized Approach

Offering a decentralized treatment design, this Hydrochanel is a cost-effective way of implementing WSUD on your projects – particularly on projects that require low maintenance at-source treatment assets.

As a surface level asset, maintenance is cost-effective and does not require contained space qualified technicians – providing savings throughout its service life with easy access and quick cleaning procedures.

Without underground vault requirements, the Hydrochannel is a low-footprint option that provides gross pollutant, sediment, and nutrient capture and is particularly valuable on sites with a low grade.

Allowing treatment of stormwater at site-level, outgoing stormwater can then be discharged safely to drainage, local ground & surface water bodies.

Reduced Maintenance
Size & Scalability

SQIDEP verified under Stormwater Australia’s rigorous testing protocol, this high-performance device is now locally available in New Zealand. The Hydrochannel meets high-performance pollution removal benchmarks, including 100% Gross Pollutant capture, 69% TP (Total Phosphorus) and 67% TN (Total Nitrogen).

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