SPEL Filters In Action At Zetland NSW

SPELFilters In Action At Zetland NSW

Located just four kilometres from both Sydney’s central business district and Bondi Junction, Zetland has quickly risen as a popular suburb for young professionals and international students to rent or invest in property. The suburb is part of the Green Square urban renewal district, where new high-density mixed residential blocks are being built beside older industrial estates.  


While awash with development, Zetland does present a considerable challenge for contractors – flooding. The suburb sits on top of what used to be Waterloo Swamp, which was part of a chain of wetlands that led to Botany Bay.  In other words, Zetland was built on what was once a natural floodplain. Since its settlement 200 years ago, residents of the low-lying suburb have had to contend with flooding on a regular basis.  


Flooding considerations aside, Zetland now plays a key role in Green Square’s stormwater recycling schemeThe scheme is designed to help reduce the entire district’s demand on its limited potable water supply. The whole process starts in Zetland, where a 2km storm drain was installed to harvest up to 320 million litres of stormwater. The stormwater is fed into a nearby treatment plant located the former South Sydney Hospital. The treated stormwater is then piped back to Green Square where it’s used in washing machines, flushing toilets, and maintaining parks and gardens. 


Given Zetland’s flooding challenges and key role in Green Square’s stormwater recycling scheme, developers need to implement stormwater management methods that prioritise both flood mitigation and improved water quality 


Our client for this project recognised Zetland’s unique opportunities for implementing innovative stormwater treatment technology. Keen to achieve Green Square’s Water Sensitive Urban Design goals, they contracted our NSW team to deliver twelve SPEL Filter systems. 

spel filter
spel filter

SPEL Filters can be configured to your site’s requirements. 

The SPEL Filter is a cartridge filter system designed to achieve high-quality stormwater treatment performance while requiring low maintenance. With the integration of SPEL Filters in the site’s stormwater management regime, the client took advantage of key benefits such as: 

  •  7 Year Lifecycle, with a 5 Year Warranty 
  • Reduced capital and operating expenditures, which is important for Strata managed buildings.
  • High treatment flow rate at 2.83 Litres per second, reducing the number of cartridges needed for the project. 
  • High pollutant removal rates (e.g. Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Suspended Solids) 
  • A freestanding SPEL Filter design, which allows quick and simple installation 
  • SPEL Filters are locally field tested to Australian conditions, which is advantageous in gaining council approvals

SPEL Filters are designed and manufactured in Australia, so our customers are also supporting local jobs in the process. Learn more about our filter system and its wide range of applications here. 

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