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Introducing SPELBasin: Now Stage 1 Approved Across Auckland Region

The SPELBasin, our modular bioretention basin, has met the criteria for Auckland Council Stage 1 Approval. This evaluation lays the foundation for the provision of these vital stormwater devices across the Auckland region, and we look forward to helping our local clients with this compact and effective stormwater solution.

A highly advanced stormwater filtration system, the size and versatile design of the SPELBasin make it an ideal modular approach to stormwater treatment trains. Supplying high pollution removal capability in a small footprint – these modern systems improve water quality in place of standard catch basin structures, rain gardens, bioretention cells and media filters.

With standards set for 75% removal of total suspended solids (TSS) to meet local Auckland requirements, the SPELBasin performed above these benchmarks with the following data being verified during the device evaluation process –

  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) – 86%
  • Total Phosphorus (TP) – 65%
  • Total Nitrogen (TN) – 50%
  • Gross Pollutants – 99%

Benefits of the SPELBasin

When compared to a conventional GD01 rain garden, certified for use in the Auckland region, the SPELBasin presents several key benefits.
impervious outer shell
Impervious Outer Shell
Reduced Maintenance
Reduced Maintenance
Smaller On-Site Footprint

The SPELBasin has an impervious outer shell which is a requirement for rain gardens 300mm above the seasonal high-water table. Each device has built-in pre-treatment, which makes it suitable for applications with high contaminant loads.

Compared to other stormwater assets, the SPELBasin has a market leading footprint – with conventional rain gardens typically occupying 2% of the total impervious area. This would mean a 3,800 square-metre carpark would typically require 72 square metres of rain garden for water quality flow (WQF). Comparatively, a SPELBasin of only 8.2 square metres can service the same area and ensure efficient and effective pollution removal capabilities.

This small footprint ensures that the SPELBasin is adaptable to your on-site specifications, while also reducing maintenance overheads with its smaller planted area. It can also be installed on sloping ground, which is difficult to do with a standard rain garden.

We look forward to more products from the SPEL range addressing the key requirements for Stage 1 approval in Christchurch and the ways this can accompany the successful roll-out of SPEL products across New Zealand.

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