Certified in Christchurch: Stage 1 Approval for SPELFilter & SPEL Hydrosystem

SPEL’s line of products are known for their performance, and we are delighted to see this reflected in stage 1 approval of the SPELFilter & SPEL Hydrosystem by Christchurch Council. This approval means our devices are fit for use in developments across the region and comply with local environmental standards and specifications.

Introducing the SPELFilter

The SPELFilter is an innovative cartridge filter system with quality performance across a wide range of flow conditions. These low maintenance units use a self-regulating siphon system, which ensures consistent media contact time and quality water treatment outcomes, as well as an automatic back flush that keeps the media refreshed and in an optimum state.

These filter units are designed-for-purpose for sites that require treatment of stormwater – including car parks, shopping centres, transport depots, industrial estates, and many more.

Introducing the SPEL Hydrosystem

Following suit, the SPEL Hydrosystem comes in different sized models – in plastic or fibreglass housing with a footprint to suit your site – and are easy to install and maintain. These units may also be fitted in special circumstances, such as load bearing shafts, or as purpose-built inserts for concrete or plastic chambers.

A key advantage of the SPEL hydrosystem is the minimal hydraulic drop (250mm) required for the unit to function, which is great in environments like Christchurch where elevation changes across an installation site may be comparatively small.

These units provide industry-leading stormwater treatment with a multi-step process that includes sedimentation, filtration, absorption and precipitation.

We look forward to more products from the SPEL range addressing the key requirements for Stage 1 approval in Christchurch and the ways this can accompany the successful roll-out of SPEL products across New Zealand.

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