Auckland Approval: SPELFilter

We are pleased to announce that the SPELFilter has received stage 1 approval by Auckland Council and look forward to providing these stormwater devices across the region. These versatile cartridge filter systems provide highly effective stormwater treatment, water quality outcomes and environmental compliance, with their excellent pollution removal capabilities.

This device is a scalable solution that can be adapted to a range of on-site stormwater treatment solutions. A full-size SPELFilter can treat runoff from 1,137m² with half-size models available to treat 568m². These are the highest rates of any approved filters in Auckland, which means fewer filters are required on-site.

A small footprint choice when it comes to filtration, the SPELFilter ensures consistent media contact times which results in optimal stormwater treatment. With no moving parts, the SPELFilter operates using a siphonic flow effect that ensures that particles are backwashed from the filter, re-establishing the media, and ensuring low maintenance overheads.

The applications of these filter cartridge systems include –

  • Car Parks and Shopping Centres
  • Council Depots
  • Industrial Estates
  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance
  • Airport Aprons & Tarmacs
  • Transport Depots & Loading Bays
  • Tunnels
  • Highways & Transport Corridors
  • Recycling Yards

Benefits of the SPELFilter

Reduced Maintenance
Reduced Maintenance
Size & Scalability
Size & Scalability

Water quality outcomes are a key concern across many new developments. The ability to remove dissolved heavy metals is a key benefit, and the high pollution removal capabilities of these devices include the removal of –

  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) – 91%
  • Total Phosphorous (TP) – 75%
  • Total Nitrogen (TN) – 58%

The high-grade filter media provides these removal efficiencies – and its inorganic composition means that it does not leach nitrogen and other nutrients. With the ability to place these filter cartridges as part of a treatment solution with other stormwater devices, such as Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs), the result is a flexible package that can be designed to suit your site.

SPELFilter is in-stock and competitively priced. Helping you reach your environmental compliance obligations and water quality objectives – we are looking forward to implementing this product across stormwater projects in the Auckland region.

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