spel osorb

Osorb Stormwater


This month’s news: Introducing the SPEL Osorb.


Absorbent nano-engineered glass useful for capturing petroleum hydrocarbons and other organics.

Osorb is an advanced adsorption media that can clean thousands of environmental toxins in the water. Osorb can convert any urban runoff to drinking water quality.

  • Large carrying capacity (up to 14x its dry volume)
  • Hydrophobic and regenerative
  • Reduces many organics to <1ppb

Specialised, reductive Osorb materials have been modified to both capture and break down a wide spectrum of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants.


  • Integrates into existing stormwater systems
  • Aesthetically remediates many persistent contaminants
  • Has a high absorption capacity
  • Does not affect natural soil composition
  • Recharges groundwater with a clean, safe source

To find out more about the Osorb, call SPEL Stormwater today on + 612 8838 1055 for further information.

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