spel tankstor

Battlefield Airfilter RAAF Amberley AFFF Storage Tanks


  • Project: Battlefield Airfliter RAAF Amberley AFFF Storage Tanks
  • Location: RAAF Base Amberley
  • Products: SPEL Tankstor


SPEL Tankstor Solution

The original design was for the concrete pipe to be installed and coated with a 2 pack epoxy coating that would have to be done once the pipe was installed, which was going to be a massive confined space job.


Our option saved a huge amount of time install wise, saved weeks of onsite confined space high-risk work and saved having the hole open for weeks with the pipe was coated and tested.

About SPEL Tankstor

Spel Tankstor


SPEL Tankstor tanks are manufactured for many applications and in a wide range of specifications to handle such substances as water, sewage, farm effluent, petroleum products and chemicals. Know More
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