SPEL Stormsack

SPEL Stormsack and SPELFilter installed at Caltex Mudgeeraba

  • Project: Caltex Mudgeeraba, 24 Railway Street, Mudgeeraba, QLD
  • Products:
    • 5 x SPEL Stormsack
    • 9 x SPELFilter Cartridges
    • 6 x SPEL Precast Tank
    • 1 x SPEL Thundaflo 125 Series
    • 2 x SPEL Thundaflo 200 Series

The Project

The client was in need of a stormwater filtration solution which meets the council’s stormwater objectives.

SPEL assisted with this by designing and supplying the SPEL Stormsacks, SPELFilters, SPEL Precast Tanks, and SPEL Thundaflo at the Caltex at Mudgeeraba Queensland.

While the supply of precast detention tank, filter cartridges and stormsacks were provided by SPEL, tank installation was done by others.

Products used in the project

spel stormsack

SPEL Stormsack

SPEL StormSack filtration solutions are highly engineered water quality devices that are deployed directly in the stormwater system to capture contaminants close to the surface for ease of maintenance. Know More

spel filter


The SPELFilter is a cartridge filter system that incorporates an upflow treatment process, through a spiral-wrapped media configuration that maximises surface treatment area. Know More

spel thundaflo

SPEL Thundaflo

SPEL Thundaflo is a heavy-duty channel drainage system (aka trench, linear or slot), uniquely designed for the industrial environment – forecourts, forklift working areas, truck loading bays, airports. 

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