floating wetlands

Spotlight on SPEL Waterclean Floating Wetlands


Proven, cost-effective solution for water treatment enhancement

The SPEL Waterclean Floating Wetlands significantly improve the quality of any water environment requiring treatment. Their versatile nature means that they can be designed into new constructions or easily retrofitted to existing facilities.


Dramatic effect on municipal wastewater and stormwater applications

The Floating Wetlands create a vast activated surface area for bio-remediation, removing large amounts of pollutants from the water. In stormwater applications, Floating Wetlands greatly enhance the cleaning process by removing total suspended solids, nutrients and heavy metals.

Multi-faceted stream and lake restoration

Floating Wetlands can be positioned in loaded ‘hot-spots’ in natural waterways to improve water quality by correcting nutrient imbalance, and removing TSS, nitrogen, and phosphorus. They are also guaranteed to provide numerous other benefits to the health of lakes and streams by creating:

  • Wetland effect
  • Habitat restoration
  • Reduced wave and water erosion
  • Carbon sequestration

Innovative beautification feature

Floating Wetlands make stunning, environmentally-enhancing water-based features in facilities like parks and zoos. Their visual appeal also makes them ideal as a landscaping feature on private residential projects.

For more information, visit the Floating Wetlands section.

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