Untreated Stormwater and Its Effects on Living Beings


Stormwater Shepherds is an environmental not-for-profit working in stormwater. Their charter is to restore inland waterway environments by stopping plastic and urban pollution at the source through positive action, education and advocacy. Ozone depletion, climate change and ocean acidification are real threats to destabilising life on our planet. A recent addition to this list is the magnitude of plastic litter contaminating our riparian waterways and oceans, including pollution from tyre wear and rubber granules from artificial playgrounds. The crisis in our waterways, in many cases, is the direct result mainly of unmanaged stormwater.


Mary RaynerDirector of Operations at Stormwater Shepherds will provide an overview of the not-for-profit, their programs and advocacy. She will present insights into the dire consequences on aquatic lifeforms from the toxic pollutants conveyed by untreated stormwater, and the bioaccumulation effects on humans. She will also touch on solutions for long-term sustainable approaches about how we can successfully control pollution through correctly managed stormwater.

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