SPEL Puraceptor

Two Big Puraceptors Installed at Amberley RAAF base Fuel Farm


  • Project: 2 x Puraceptors at Amberley RAAF base Fuel Farm
  • Location: Amberley RAAF base Fuel Farm
  • Products: SPEL Puraceptor

The Problem

The client was in need of a product to replace an undersized old three-stage interceptor. Alternatively, they were looking to install an above ground plate separator about 200m away and suck to it and flow back to the existing discharge point.

The Solution

Needless to say, Puraceptor is a lot more cost-effective. Lids are gas-tight bolt down.

  • Amberley RAAF base Fuel Farm – 2x Big Puraceptors see attached drawings.
  • Gold coast airport fuel farm – 1x P.150 outside of the fuel bund.
  • BP oil refinery discharges straight into BNE river. – That is at least a P.100.

About SPEL Puraceptor

SPEL Puraceptor
SPEL Puraceptor is a full retention separator that treats all flows. It is to be sized to contain more than the anticipated maximum oil spillage — enabling it to be fully operational in treating stormwater runoff at all times. Know More
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