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The SPEL Advantage


3 reasons why you should choose SPEL for your next stormwater treatment device.



1. Tank Design

Traditional concrete stormwater treatment tanks can be difficult to work within certain installations for some of the following reasons:

  • They may require multiple-piece assemblage.
  • Concrete stormwater water tanks can be significantly heavier than fibreglass tanks, at times requiring large cranage.
  • There is no guarantee against leaching over the lifespan of the tank.
  • They require joins and seals.

In contrast, SPEL’s fibreglass stormwater treatment tanks:

  • Are one-piece design with no site assemblage
  • Are extremely light; lifting can be performed by existing site machinery such as an excavator.
  • Come with a guarantee of no leaching for the entire lifespan of the project.
  • Have no joins and seals.

2. Tank Installation

Whilst the installation of a concrete tank may require multiple components that need to be pieced together on-site, in some cases even multiple deliveries, the implementation of a SPEL stormwater treatment device is quick and efficient — your fibreglass tank will arrive complete in just one delivery!


3. Tank Orientation

Concrete stormwater treatment tanks can, with certain configurations require a large trench depth of at least 3 metres, and this increased excavation could significantly add to construction costs.

SPEL Tankstor Delivery


SPEL’s fibreglass stormwater treatment devices have a compact design, translating to a shallower trench depth and shorter invert level — and money saved.

To find out how we can help you with your next stormwater treatment device installation, call SPEL Stormwater today on (02) 8838 1055.

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