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The future of stormwater?


Did you know that the Great Pacific Garbage patch is now 3 times the size of France, and nearly as big as the landmass of Queensland?


Did you know that global studies now estimate that 86% of turtle species and 44% of marine sealife are estimated to have plastic in their guts.


What this means is that plastic is now in our food chain! BAD NEWS for seafood lovers!

Our stormwater system is the unfortunate conveyance mechanism for almost all plastic and gross pollution into our streams, lakes, rivers, bays and oceans.

Did you know that, for the most part, Australia’s stormwater infrastructure has no replacement budget and inadequate maintenance budgets? Yet our stormwater network offers one of the prime opportunities to stop plastic pollution from land-based sources reaching our waterways.

So what we do now with our planning, implementation and management of stormwater can improve or deteriorate the health of Australians and our waterways.


Would you sacrifice one cup of coffee a month to keep plastic pollution out of your food chain?


Andy Hornbuckle

Andy Hornbuckle from SPEL has been studying this issue for the last decade, and has unveiled a vision and strategy on how the stormwater industry can truly, sustainably help protect our food chain and waterways for oncoming generations.


If you want to learn the fundamentals, this link is an abbreviated 18min video of the vision and strategy. [https://youtu.be/vIzoRpZEqxM]


If you really care for the health of humanity and Earth’s complete ecosystem, this link is the full 35min video of the vision and strategy. [https://youtu.be/PGJzmueH5xg]


This link shows you the powerpoint slides with the full text. In less than 10 minutes you can take in the full detail of this incredibly important issue: Powerpoint Link

If you have more questions about this please reach out to your SPEL representative for anything you might need.

Thanks and more power to you!


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