SQIDEP Verified Stormwater Treatment Solutions in Australia

SQIDEP Verified



Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP) is a uniform set of criteria to which stormwater treatment devices can be field-tested, evaluated, and reported. In this webinar, guest speaker Dr Darren Drapper will discuss the importance of SQIDEP in driving best practice and standardisation in the stormwater industry. He will also walk us through the application process and explain what it takes to attain SQIDEP certification.


We will also be joined by SPEL’s senior staff, Henry Ha and André Magar who will talk about our own experience in undertaking SQIDEP verification for our Hydrochannel and SPELBasin solutions.


Dr Darren Drapper serves as Director of Drapper Environmental Consultants as well as Secretary and a Director on the Board of Stormwater Australia, the custodian of SQIDEP. A qualified environmental engineer, his work focuses on stormwater quality and best management practices. He has 22 years of experience across manufacturing industries, consulting, government, and research and academia.

Henry Ha is Senior Engineer at SPEL, providing expert guidance to consultants, engineers, and asset managers in navigating the world of stormwater quality improvement. With a background rooted in Civil Engineering, Henry has worked in Engineering Consulting on several major engineering schemes in Australia and now has over 10 years’ experience working in the stormwater industry. His expertise lies in the sizing and detailing of GPTs and other stormwater quality improvement devices.

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