floating wetland

SPEL project featured on Ideanthro


After the construction of the “World’s Largest Residential Floating Wetlands in Parklakes, Queensland, our friends at Ideanthro decided to feature our not-so-little project. You can see the full video here.

Episode Description

In this episode Darren Drapper, from Drapper Environmental Consultants, shows us around one of SPEL Stormwater’s  floating wetlands. Darren shows us the natural recruitment of vegetation taking place on the wetland.

Did you know that you can find this floating wetland on The WSUD Map?(its ID number is FW00004)Want to hear more about natural recruitment? Try Episode 111: Trees in Bioretention – Succession and Episode 112: Trees in Bioretention – Giving Succession a Helping Hand. For the original LinkedIn post click here.

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