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Partnering with Redland City Council to improve water quality at Lakeside, QLD

We have recently partnered with Redland City Council to install a SPEL floating treatment wetland at Victoria Point Lakeside, QLD.

Improving the water quality of Lakeside is critical as it is an important feeder into Eprapah Creek, which in turn feeds into Moreton Bay.

Following is a short video presented by Karen Williams, Mayor of Redland City Council.

Partnering with councils to improve water quality


Video transcription

The significance of this lake behind us here at Victoria Point Lakeside, not only is very much exposed to our community because it’s right here on the edge of a boardwalk where people enjoy the hospitality of Lakeside but also it’s an important feeder into Eprapah Creek, which is one of our main tributaries that feed into Moreton Bay.

We’re keen to improve that quality and this is just one more opportunity that Redland is taking with SPEL Stormwater to do just that.

What is really good about this floating treatment wetland behind me, is that there are no chemicals involved. It’s completely natural and so there are no other impacts across the broader environment.

Well obviously Redland is part of a broader region, Southeast Queensland, and we have great opportunity across the whole region to make sure that our water quality improves. And I’m pretty certain that my Mayors and my joining Councils will be really keen to partner with SPEL Stormwater to do these sorts of things across the region, to make sure Moreton Bay and our rivers are resilient.

What is good about what we see behind me, is that we got this beneficial reuse of coke bottles. Coke bottles that will normally end up in our landfills and we all pay for that. So by reusing that for benefit of the environment, it’s a win-win for everybody.

Working with SPEL Stormwater has been an absolute privilege. Like me, they’re doers. They want to see improvements in our waterways and they knock on doors to make it happen. And that’s why we’re a great match here at Redland City.

So the floating treatment wetland behind us is not just about improving water quality, there is a whole ecosystem right behind me. Turtles, we have eels, we have fishes, etc. And this provides habitat for them as well as improving our water quality.

It’s a win for Redland City council, it’s a win for our community, it’s a win for our natural environment and it’s a win for the future of water quality in Moreton Bay.

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