SPEL Puraceptor

Innovative Solution for VIC Desalination Project

Location: Wonthaggi, Victoria

Customer: Thiess Degremont Joint Venture, working for the Victorian Government

Problems: A desalination plant in an environmentally sensitive area

Products: 3 x Puraceptors

Inlet/Outlet size – Inlet with 225mm Stainless steel flanges

Treatment Flow Rate – 40LPS on all units

Total Volume – the 3 units had to cater for a 70,000 litres, 75,000 litres and a 65,000 litres oil spill respectively

The Challenge

The Pristine beaches of south Gippsland were under intense scrutiny and the consultants under pressure from environmental authorities when the Desalination project was conceived.

When 3 large transformer stations were added as supporting infrastructure, the concerns were deepened and rightly so!

With up to 500,000 litres of transformer oil stored across these 3 sites, a mere thunderstorm could wreak havoc with the transformers and could potentially result in a catastrophic failure.


Our Solution

The SPELs Victorian & Tasmanian team, working with the design consultants, the pressures and the challenges to ensure concerns were quickly relieved.

SPEL Puraceptor

The SPEL Puraceptor is the insurance on this project!

SPEL Puraceptor is a full retention separator that treats all flows. It is to be sized to contain more than the anticipated maximum oil spillage — enabling it to be fully operational in treating stormwater runoff at all times.

With each Puraceptor catering for 110% of the oil contained on the single largest transformer on each site, this ensures that over the operating life of the plant the SPEL units will meet and exceed the requirements of the Australian Standards, the Victorian EPA and the design team.

SPEL Puraceptor SPEL Puraceptor

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