How Can Wetlands Remove More Nutrients


This webinar will present the nitrogen processes in wetlands from the modelling perspective and explore how wetlands can help remove more nutrients. Jing will also compare the wetland internal nutrient release with plant nutrient uptake during water level fluctuations and macrophyte species differences on nutrient release and uptake in macrophyte beds. 


Dr. Jing Lu is a research fellow at the Australian Rivers Institute (ARI), Griffith University. Her research interests include understanding nutrient dynamics in water bodies associating with aquatic plants and conducting restorations in freshwater ecosystems using ecological engineering approaches.

Jing completed her first PhD at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, where she worked on how the recovery of aquatic plants reduced nutrient levels and controlled algae growth in a eutrophic lake in China. She then completed a PhD at ARI during which she investigated nutrient dynamics relating to both invasive and native aquatic plants in subtropical reservoirs during water level fluctuations using the stable isotope technique. She is now doing her post-doc at ARI investigating the efficiency of green infrastructures on removing nitrogen from catchments using catchment water quality models for the Building Catchment Resilience project.

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