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Floating Wetlands Install at Maroochydore


  • Products: SPEL Floating Wetlands
  • Council: Sunshine Coast Council

A few weeks ago we’ve placed this SPEL-signed fencing, to mark the beginning of the install of 450m2 of ftw at strategic project Maroochydore Town Centre. See what it looks like now!


Project Update

6 weeks of wetland plants root growth video… Nature is amazing!



Recycling more than 94,500 drinking water bottles, this 400m2 @SPEL Stormwater Floating Treatment Wetland matrix media biomimics plants roots, supports more than 2,500 wetland sedges and provides more open surface area for diatom, periphyton growth and therefore biofilm mass.


Environmental Project


Thanks to SunCentral Maroochydore Pty Ltd and Sunshine Coast Council for this epic environmental project.

About SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands


SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands

SPEL’s unique biological Floating Wetlands can be retrofitted to existing ponds and other areas of water.

The suspended media is self-cleaning, which makes it sustainable, with significant savings. It uses biological elements, as opposed to chemicals that negatively impact the environment, and has consistently achieved all the necessary bacteria counts and oxygen levels in independent scientific trials and over numerous installation sites.
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