spel puraceptor installation

Easy Installation Saves Money

Anyone who knows the heavy traffic area of Melbourne’s outer rim suburb of Preston, will appreciate the logistics of not only installing, but transiting not one, but three SPEL Stormceptors with a minimum of disruption – but that’s exactly what happened at this warehouse development site.

SPEL Stormceptors Image 3 SPEL Stormceptors Image 2 SPEL Stormceptors Image 1

The Stormceptor, a horizontally configured two-chamber SQID (Stormwater Quality Improvement Device)  provides quiescent conditions within an internal secondary chamber, efficiently promoting the separation of total suspended solids, light liquids and pollutants. A favourite in developments of this size, it’s lightweight fibreglass construction enables installation without the use of heavy cranes or rigging, saving money and minimising on site OH&S requirements.

spel puraceptor installation SPEL Installation

Another successful #SPELinstallation.

Find more information on the SPEL Stormceptor here or contact our team on 1300 773 500.

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