Bafflebox – Product introduction and regulatory updates

About the webinar

SPEL Stormwater proudly presents the Bafflebox: Product introduction and regulatory updates webinar. In this segment we will establish the Bafflebox as a gross pollutant trap with significant installation and maintenance savings that can deliver captured matter in an optimal dry state.

The Bafflebox can be daylighted to assist in community education of stormwater treatment devices and installed inline on very flat grades because the floating weir minimises hydraulic impact.  

This session will be especially relevant for local council representatives, ESD consultant or engineers looking to review the latest product against new regulatory updates and approvals.

 The webinar commences at 11am AEST, May 8th, 2020 and will run for approximately 60 minutes, inclusive of a Q&A session at the end of the session. All attendees are eligible for CPD Certificate equivalent to the duration of the webinar.

About Kurt Jensen

Kurt Jensen is a passionate, results-driven engineering professional with more than 12 years’ experience in stormwater treatment and management. Kurt’s expertise in water quality treatment and his ability to bring in other individuals from within his organisation with different expertise greatly increased a client’s ability to develop a detailed concept plan for their project.

About Andy Hornbuckle 

Andy Hornbuckle is the Team Leader Water Quality – Asia Pacific, of SPEL Stormwater and has led the team through a journey of innovation and revitalisation. Andy has a passion for stormwater and water-sensitive urban design. Andy has initiated a series of field research and evaluation projects on SPEL Stormwater products with a view to benefiting the industry and environment with scientific data that is rigorous, transparent and independent.

In addition to his professional experience, Andy has founded Stormwater Shepherds in a concerted effort to educate the public and raise awareness in the catchments at the pollution source.

About SPEL Stormwater

SPEL is the world’s premier stormwater infrastructure firm. We partner with you to solve the most complex challenges and build legacies. We have designed projects for councils, consulting engineers, and a wide array of global influencers. 

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