What Is a Full Retention Oil And Water Separator?

A device that treats the water captured in sites where a hydrocarbon such as oil mixes with water. Separators are of particular importance during heavy rain events and in sites that handle water runoff.

Sites such as substations, service stations and refuelling areas generally need to meet strict environmental policies set by the government. These compliance requirements include the on-site management of contaminated water.

When an oil and water blend enters a full separator device, the oil moves to the surface while clean water moves through the bottom of the unit. In the Spillceptor, it takes around six minutes for clean water to move through the device.

Once separated, the clean water flows from the device to a drainage or stormwater system while the oil is recaptured. Small oil globules that may have evaded the primary separation process are captured by the full retention unit’s coalescer, which is housed in a second chamber.

Full retention oil and water separators protect New Zealand’s waterways and prevent oil from contaminating the environment, which is of key importance for downstream water quality and pollution control.

The Spillceptor is Atlan’s full retention oil and water separator. It is available in several models and sizes to meet the needs of differing high-risk sites. The Spillceptor ensures hydrocarbon spill capture in all flow and spill conditions.


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