floating wetland used to dissipate wave energy

Three-month old floating wetlands used to dissipate wave energy at the Gulf of Mexico


Coastal erosion – Did you know that Louisiana loses a football field of land every hour?

Love to share this video of my Gulf of Mexico Vermilion Bay experience with Jason Martin from Martin Ecosystems…these floating wetlands were just 3 months old and already dissipating wave energy and protecting the shoreline wetlands from continual erosion!!!


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Floating Wetlands Wastewater Treatment

SPEL’s unique biological Floating Wetlands can be retrofitted to existing ponds and other areas of water.

The suspended media is self-cleaning, which makes it sustainable, with significant savings. It uses biological elements, as opposed to chemicals that negatively impact the environment, and has consistently achieved all the necessary bacteria counts and oxygen levels in independent scientific trials and over numerous installation sites.
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