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New York City Trial Floating Wetlands for Jamaica Bay


New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is using floating, vegetated wetlands as wave attenuators in Jamaica Bay.

These floating treatment media are part of a pilot project which aim to protect the decreasing marsh shorelines. The 2-year pilot program will cost approximately half a million and was installed in September 2015.

In the 1800s, Jamaica Bay has 16,000 acres of green marshland but, due to pollution and rise in sea-level, only 800 to 1,000 acres of marsh remain today.

Marshes are among the most productive ecosystems on the planet. They filter nitrogen and phosphorus from the water; provide fish habitat; store carbon; and protect against storm surges.

SPEL floating wetlands are easy to install and maintain.

It is also effective in:

  • Reduction in Bio-chemical oxygen demand
  • Removal of TSS
  • Reduction in faecal coliforms
  • Reduction in phosphorus
  • pH stabilization

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