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Feature Project: Brompton Lodge

Take a left turn at the MCG and you’ll find yourself – an hour or so later, right in the heart of Cranbourne, one of Melbourne’s up and coming suburbs. Located 40km southeast of the CBD, Cranbourne was once considered a country town. Now an emerging residential hub, it has transitioned from mostly rural to predominantly urban land usage. One of the larger recent developments to the area is the Brompton Lodge Estate.


A mixed residential development site, Brompton Lodge spans 107 hectares. Set to have a future population of over 4,000 people, the estate will include nearly 1,500 dwellings, roads, parks and wetlands. These lightweight gross pollutant traps capture both pollutants, suspended solids and contaminants entering the stormwater system.

Brompton's Unique Site Characteristics

The Brompton Lodge Estate sits on sandy soil with a water table running under it. Because the ground is unstable, excavation and installation of any underground structures must be done as quickly as possible. This challenge made the Vortceptor the preferred GPT option.


This fiberglass tank is easy to transport and less complicated to install than concrete GPTs, which need to be lowered in segments and assembled in the excavation pit. The Vortceptor is a light weight, one-piece unit that takes less time to install, reducing the duration a potentially hazardous excavation pit remains open.

Brompton Lodge
Suspended polystyrene debris inside a Vortceptor unit at Brompton Lodge

Brompton Lodge -

Unique Challenges

Protecting Brompton's Ecosystem

New home construction produces a lot of waste, which often detrimentally impacts the surrounding environment. Polystyrene, used for packing and insulation, is a hazard for both farm animals and wildlife. It is light and easily broken up, carried by strong winds into their habitats and drinking water. If consumed, it can lead to starvation and chemical poisoning.

Installed at the beginning of the construction phase, the Vortceptors collect and contain any polystyrene blown into the stormwater. With regular cleaning and maintenance, these GPTs will continue to remove pollutants, suspended solids and nutrients from the waterways of the Brompton Lodge estate for decades to come.

Overall, this project illustrated the effectiveness and suitability of the Vortceptor for challenging sites like Brompton Lodge. For SPEL, it aligned with our environmental values and the belief that 'clean water is a right, not a privilege'

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