spel stormceptor

C17 Hangar and Apron Facilities


Location: Amberley RAAF Airbase, Ipswich QLD

Products: 5 x Large SPEL Puraceptors and SPEL Tankstor Storage Tank

SPEL PuraceptorSpel Tankstor

The Project

SPEL Stormwater has just recently completed the supply of five large SPEL Puraceptors and a SPEL Tankstor to the C17 RAAF Base Facilities. Special thanks to Brant Webb, Peter Matijevic and the BMD Group (BMD) for the installation of these units – Well done! The Puraceptors units were installed to capture any hydrocarbon spills and treat the stormwater runoff from the Apron and the Hangar Facilities, while the Tankstor was installed to serve as a storage tank.

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