SPEL GPT Approval Blacktown

Blacktown City Council Approves Vortceptor GPT

With an expected population increase of over 30% from 2021 to 2036, Blacktown City Council has a lot of development plans in store to support its growing community. In preparation for its transformational projects, the LGA laid out strategic guidelines to ensure sustainable development.

These guidelines include requirements and specifications for Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). The Council’s WSUD Developer Handbook, in particular, lists proprietary stormwater treatment devices prescribed by the council. Among them is SPEL’s Vortceptor.

Following a rigorous evaluation process, the SPEL Vortceptor received Blacktown City Council’s stamp of approval. Developers can now specify the product in their development applications to meet the local government area’s standards for stormwater management.

In designing the Vortceptor, SPEL stepped away from the conventional concrete gross pollutant traps (GPTs) to produce a cost-effective, innovative solution with some key advantages for developers:

  • Its lightweight, single-piece fibreglass construction allows for easier and cost-effective transportation and installation.
  • It has a treatable flow rate of up to 1600 litres per second.
  • It is a hydrodynamic separator fitted with a unique non-blocking 316 Grade Stainless Steel screen. Used in conjunction with vortex conditions, this technology results in excellent pollution removal and higher water quality.
  • It has certified Class D traffic-able load rating and a 100-year design life

The Vortceptor expertly separates and captures gross pollutants, sediments, silt, total suspended solids, nutrients, oil and grease. It’s also fast becoming the GPT of choice in major development projects.

Vortceptor installation at the Brompton Estate, a 1500 lot development project in Victoria


Click here to learn more about SPEL’s Vortceptor.

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